Thursday, May 22, 2008

the Crazy Weekend

The Idea was to go UpState, to see some of our friends, as I don't know about them, but probably
I'm getting older, & would be nice to see where they are living, before either of us die.

The Principal players in this, which turned into somewhat of a Fiasco, without anybody getting
Dead are the following:

Tovey Hallec, a Black-Smith, .... Ken Hirasuka, a Stone-Carver, .... & Freddie Bertucci, a Painter,
that got some Land Up-State, & we thought maybe a 4 hour drive, & we'll all chip in on the
costs. From this end, the big city,, to get the Rental Car, Chris went out to NJ, so he said, & maybe 45 Bucks a day. I think this is reasonable, & sign up.

The Trouble Started with the small journey to Brooklyn, to pick up several pieces of Pipe, necessary, for, at the time, I was told, for Toveys thing. 2 Hours of Wrong Way Streets, & when we finally get there, Kelly knocking on the door, discovering nobody home, suggested we go, cause it was getting hot, maybe 80 degrees, & anyway he was pissed at Chris for not understanding the map kelly got off map-quest, & I piped in w/ my 2 cents, that that doent work so good.

Chris figured out how to ring the door-bell, & they opened the door.

As Chris was getting Pissed at kelly & the other way around, we hit 70 mph down a good street, & the dog, who wasn't wearing a seat belt, smacked into the interior of the roof, & left some marks.

We got the pipe, & found a WHITE CASTLE, w/ a take out, & proceeded to get us some SuitCase of 30 Burgers, one order of Large Frys, 3 cups of Ice, & some of those little packets of Ketchup, tarter sause, & several wads of napkins, of good size.

I had said to Chris, I will Also be a Designated Driver, & he said he was Renting a SEDAN.

From the Planning, Chris was supposed to get the car at 12:00, pick Kelly up at 1:00, & get me at 1:00. Kelly calls at 12:15, & says we can't go over there. I says fine, I will meet you at the corner of Ludlow,& Delancy. I got there on this New Early Time, but forgot some stuff I had intended to bring upstate.

On the other side of the street they show up in what could only kindly called a sawed off version of a Sedan. I was thinking lots of leg room, when, as we're going over the bridge, Chris mentions, as per the rental aggrentment, HE can only drive. Yoikes.... & I got sober to spell him after 2 hours.

We chomped down on the White Castles after we got on the expressway going north, & Kelly liked the Frys. Ha. I was sitting behind the Driver, Chris, & noticed the Dog Nose Marks on the interior of the Roof, & tried to open the window for the dog, who, by the ways name is Diamond, & at this point didn't know which Brand of VEHICLE we were traveling in, except not much leg-room behind the driver, but perhaps he has long legs, and put the seat back.

Kelly opens the Rum Bottle & puts it on ice cup, or maybe borrowed some of my Pepsi....

Getting tired, will write more tomorrrow.

When we got upstate, after a day, Freddie & Kelly were drinking in the morning, & almost killed each other in the afternoon. Yoikes.

Sincerely Fresh Streams wow.