Thursday, May 22, 2008

the Crazy Weekend

The Idea was to go UpState, to see some of our friends, as I don't know about them, but probably
I'm getting older, & would be nice to see where they are living, before either of us die.

The Principal players in this, which turned into somewhat of a Fiasco, without anybody getting
Dead are the following:

Tovey Hallec, a Black-Smith, .... Ken Hirasuka, a Stone-Carver, .... & Freddie Bertucci, a Painter,
that got some Land Up-State, & we thought maybe a 4 hour drive, & we'll all chip in on the
costs. From this end, the big city,, to get the Rental Car, Chris went out to NJ, so he said, & maybe 45 Bucks a day. I think this is reasonable, & sign up.

The Trouble Started with the small journey to Brooklyn, to pick up several pieces of Pipe, necessary, for, at the time, I was told, for Toveys thing. 2 Hours of Wrong Way Streets, & when we finally get there, Kelly knocking on the door, discovering nobody home, suggested we go, cause it was getting hot, maybe 80 degrees, & anyway he was pissed at Chris for not understanding the map kelly got off map-quest, & I piped in w/ my 2 cents, that that doent work so good.

Chris figured out how to ring the door-bell, & they opened the door.

As Chris was getting Pissed at kelly & the other way around, we hit 70 mph down a good street, & the dog, who wasn't wearing a seat belt, smacked into the interior of the roof, & left some marks.

We got the pipe, & found a WHITE CASTLE, w/ a take out, & proceeded to get us some SuitCase of 30 Burgers, one order of Large Frys, 3 cups of Ice, & some of those little packets of Ketchup, tarter sause, & several wads of napkins, of good size.

I had said to Chris, I will Also be a Designated Driver, & he said he was Renting a SEDAN.

From the Planning, Chris was supposed to get the car at 12:00, pick Kelly up at 1:00, & get me at 1:00. Kelly calls at 12:15, & says we can't go over there. I says fine, I will meet you at the corner of Ludlow,& Delancy. I got there on this New Early Time, but forgot some stuff I had intended to bring upstate.

On the other side of the street they show up in what could only kindly called a sawed off version of a Sedan. I was thinking lots of leg room, when, as we're going over the bridge, Chris mentions, as per the rental aggrentment, HE can only drive. Yoikes.... & I got sober to spell him after 2 hours.

We chomped down on the White Castles after we got on the expressway going north, & Kelly liked the Frys. Ha. I was sitting behind the Driver, Chris, & noticed the Dog Nose Marks on the interior of the Roof, & tried to open the window for the dog, who, by the ways name is Diamond, & at this point didn't know which Brand of VEHICLE we were traveling in, except not much leg-room behind the driver, but perhaps he has long legs, and put the seat back.

Kelly opens the Rum Bottle & puts it on ice cup, or maybe borrowed some of my Pepsi....

Getting tired, will write more tomorrrow.

When we got upstate, after a day, Freddie & Kelly were drinking in the morning, & almost killed each other in the afternoon. Yoikes.

Sincerely Fresh Streams wow.


Anonymous said...

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Teacher Teacher said...

Cowboy Ray,

You might not remember me but I remember you and you're awesome sculptures from way back when I was a little girl. I'm Jen the baby of Nancy Girl and Rolando. I was doing some Rivington School research when I found this page. just reminiscing on my childhood, so much has changed in NYC... Glad to see you're still making art and making people happy. Dad's still around the east village, not sure if you see him.

Anyway... HI!!

-Jen Vega